The power of the word

The power of the Word

(No-one graduates from bible study until he meets the Author face to face.)

By Pastor George Lehman

If you haven’t been touched, learned something and been growing and changing in areas of your life, from the teachings you have been receiving – you really need to check your attitude, obedience and commitment and your heart condition.

You cannot read the word and remain unchanged!

I am talking to all of us one on one – I’m not talking down on you, I’m talking with you!

James 1:21 (Amp) – So get rid of all uncleanness and the rampant* outgrowth of wickedness, and in a humble (gentle, modest) spirit receive and welcome the Word which implanted* and rooted [in your hearts] contains the power to save your souls.

(* Rampant = Unchecked) (*The word of God in us is the weed killer)

There is a great need for Christians to rediscover the Word of God.

The Bible doesn’t need to be re-written; it just needs to be re-read!

This poor handling of the Bible has impoverished the church, weakened the spiritual lives of many believers and birthed lawlessness and failure.

Challenge: Let us use July-month as a dedication month. 

To refresh our commitment – to read God’s Word and pray.

Without the constructive, positive intake of God’s word, there can never be victorious, successful, overcoming outworking from your life.

No deposit – No return

Go and try this at the bank: [The Bible is like a bank.  It is more helpful when it is open, however you can on draw out what you deposit.]

When the word is open you can draw out big time

If you don’t take time to deposit God’s word into your heart everyday, it won’t be there in time of crisis, in time of storms, in time of encouragement to help others as well.

Proverbs 12:25 (Amp) – Anxiety in a man’s heart weighs it down, but an encouraging word makes it glad.

You cannot encourage others if you can’t encourage yourself in the Word.

God’s word to us holds the key

2 Timothy 3:16 (Amp) – Every scripture is God-breathed (given by His inspiration) and profitable for instruction, for reproof(rebuke) and conviction of sin, for correction of error and discipline in obedience, [and] for training in righteousness (in holy living, in conformity to God’s will in thought, purpose, and action),

Matthew 4:4 (KJV)- Jesus said: “It is written, man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.”

(there are far too many Christians with spiritual anorexia)

Psalm 119:130 (Amp) – The entrance and unfolding of Your words give light; their unfolding gives under-standing (discernment and comprehension) to the simple.

Psalm 119:105 – Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

The discovery of the Word of God must be the most significant discovery of a lifetime.

You see, it’s greater than ALL discoveries, because all discoveries, whether scientific, universal, medical or whatever will come to an end.

Matthew 24:35 (NIV) – Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.

The power of the Word in context.

John 8:31-32 (Amp) – So Jesus said to those Jews who had believed in Him, If you abide in My word [hold fast to My teaching and live in accordance with them], you are truly My disciples. And you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.

It’s been said that “Knowledge is Power”.  However, knowledge of the Holy One is power and understanding in its highest form.

Proverbs 9:10 (NIV) – The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.

The one who is not equipped with knowledge of the Word of God is greatly limited in their life:

1. Testimony – Sharing Jesus Christ as Lord.

2. Growth – because growth comes from the intake of the “Word of God”.

3. Faith – because “faith comes from hearing the word of God”(Rom 10:17).

4. Answers to life’s problems – when things seem to get beyond us.

Psalm 119:50 (Amp) – This is my comfort and consolation* in my affliction**: that Your word has revived me and given me life.

*Consolation = comfort in disappointments.

** Affliction = distress, suffering

Romans 15:4 (NIV) – For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through endurance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope.

Life change is the proper measure of whether information makes a difference.

Psalm 119:11 (NIV) – I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.

The “Word of God” is the weed killer for that.  James 1:21 – Rampant outgrowth

Sin will keep you from this book.
This book will keep you from sin.

The Spirit of God uses the Word of God to make us like the sons of God.

Many times we act like beggars, paupers and slaves, we live in fear and defeat – Yet we’re sons of God – King’s kids.

The Bible (God’s word) is more than a religious guidebook.

God’s word:

Generates life,
Creates faith,
Produces change,
Frightens the devil,
Causes miracles,
Heals hurts,
Builds character,
Transforms circumstances,
Imparts joy,
Overcomes problems,
Defeats temptation,
Infuses hope,
Releases power,
Cleanses our minds,
Guarantees our future forever.

Let me just ask you – is there any good reason to not read God’s word?

Is there any reason why you should not commit to read the worlds best seller – Gods’ divine inspired word, your precious Bible?

Get rid of the things that are distracting you.  What is robbing you of spending quality time, reading, studying and meditating on God’s word?

Here’s one real danger:

On the table, lying side by side.

Is the Holy Bible and the TV guide:

One is well worn, but cherished with pride,

No, not the Bible, but the TV Guide.

One is used daily to help folks decide,

No, it isn’t the Bible, it’s the TV Guide.

As pages are turned, what shall they see?

Oh, what does that matter, turn on the TV.

Then confusion reigns, they can’t all agree.

On what they shall watch on the TV,

So open the book in which they confide,

No, it’s not the Bible, it’s the TV Guide.

The Word of God is seldom read,

Maybe an odd verse before bed.

Exhausted and sleepy and tired as can be.

Not from reading the Bible, from watching TV.

So back on the table, side by side,

Is the Holy Bible and the TV Guide.

No time for prayer, no time for the Word, the plan of salvation is seldom heard.

Forgiveness of sin, so full and free is found in the Bible, not on TV.

Sadly many Christians know more about TV programs, Facebook, twitter Instagram, idols, stars so much more than bible content, than the heroes of the faith, and books of the Bible.

Remember Garbage IN, garbage OUT.

MAKE A commitment to read your Bible each day this month of July.