Go your son lives

Other supporting scriptures: John 2:13 – 15, Luke 19:10, John 6: 29, 2 Cor. 12:7 – 9, Matt. 16:26

If you don’t believe in MIRACLES, perhaps you’ve forgotten YOU ARE ONE.


In our text we are introduced to a Nobleman. A man of Royalty, Rank, Position and Status.  We are also told about his ding son.

I tried to put myself in the man’s shoes to try and feel what he was feeling and possibly thinking. I think it’s fair to say that he felt despair, hopeless and helpless. He would trade places with his son in no time if he could. He has spent all his money on doctors and specialists. He consulted professors and researches to look for a cure. The medical aid refuses to pay any more money because it’s a lost cause. All of this effort to no avails. The father must have thought about what he stood to miss.

He won’t have an heir to his kingdom. No one to take over the family business or even to carry one the family name. The mother sits quietly and all she can do is weeping. Looking at the dining table she thinks, dinner time will never be the same. She will never cook or bake the son’s favourite. The son is dying and there’s nothing anyone can do.  The father is out of options and he needs a miracle.

The father remembers an awesome wedding celebration that he attended some time ago. He remembers when the wine ran out, a man turned water into wine. (John 2:1-11)  He remembers the miracle working man and sought earnestly after this man.

The Government keeps track of those who cause raucous in Jerusalem. Jesus is not governed by politics he doesn’t care about ANC, DA, EFF OR NP. In (John 2:13 – 15 ) Jesus walks into the temple and sees the corruption, the trading and the poor state of affairs; and overturns the tables. He used a whip chasing them out. Today He is our loving Saviour but one day He will be our righteous Judge.

The man could have sent a delegation to bring Jesus to Him, but instead he gets up and he undertakes the two day uphill journey To Galilee. He finds Jesus in Cana and meets Him there for a 2nd time. (Wedding party was the 1st time)

I want to suggest tonight that it is time for the church, you and me to get up. To take on this journey in pursuit of Jesus. We have to invest in our spirit man as we do for the flesh. We will fail and we won’t always get it right but if we search for Him with all our heart we will find Him. Our lives will never be the same again. If we do fail, see what Jesus does, He creates 2nd chances for us. He knew that it will take more than just one try. No, it won’t be easy or smooth sailing but it will be worth it.

Your battle and or struggle or difficulty is represented by the dying boy. No matter how dyer your situation is, Jesus is here and is more than able to change your situation. There is a miracle working man here tonight and you are at the right place and the right time. The man ask Jesus to come quickly because his son is about to die. He expresses his desperation for Jesus to once again perform a miracle.

Jesus changes the Subject. Verse 48

Jesus reveals that He is more concerned about the nobleman’s soul then the health of the son. The Kingdom belongs to such as the boy – belongs to children according to 19:14

He is not interested in the man’s social standing, net worth, where he lives, what he drives, his occupation or the colour of his skin.
Jesus’ purpose is found in Luke 6:29 – He came to do the will of the father so that we would believe.
Also He came to seek and to save that which was lost Luke 19:10 John 3:16
The purpose of miracles is to that end as well. So that we believe in Jesus Christ. John 20:30

The Nobleman repeats his supplications to Jesus, saying, please sir my son is going to die. Come down with me.It is true, that you will die spiritually and eventually physically without the Lord.  Your soul is the main priority for Jesus, not your health (2 Cor. 12: 7 – 9) Paul says “… your grace is sufficient …” He was given a thorn in the flesh, (a pain in the … backside) He had a demon that was tormenting him.

Jesus replied to the man, “Go, your son lives!”
Jesus doesn’t care about your “What does it profit a man if he wins the whole world, but loses his souls? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?” Matt. 16:26 Jesus thinks that you are to die for!

Examples:Thief on the cross with Jesus: The Samaritan woman:

He is no respecter of person

The Nobleman with all his money, material possessions, and his entourage had a different need. He had a spiritual need and Jesus sticks to the plan as He uses his circumstances to bring him close and in right standing with God.

He’s power is astonishing

He will demonstrate it tonight, if you believe. Your circumstances will change once your soul is in good standing with God. Jesus demonstrated His power:

In the water into wine scenario.
When He opened Barthemeas’ blind eyes
When He utters a word to the wind and the waves and they obey him.
When He defies science and physics and walks on
When He calls a dead man out of his grave and the man comes.
When He utters a word from distance, “your son lives

In doing this Jesus demonstrated that He is Lord over sickness and disease. Lord over nature, Lord over death, Lord over distance and space.


“unless you people see miracles you will never believe. Go, your son lives.”

Your son is dying, and that refers to you circumstances. Who are you running to? Its only Jesus that can help. He will first make sure your soul is right with God, and then remedy your situation. You’ve tried everything and everyone, but it is Jesus you are looking for.