Discipleship Series #14 – Disciples pray bold prayers

Discipleship Series #14
Praying Bold Prayers

I think you’ll agree with me;

The level of our faith will determine what kind of life we’ll live.

The type of prayers we pray will determine the kind of answers we’ll receive.

If you pray small prayers, you’ll have small answers, but when you start praying bigger bolder prayers, you’re going to see bigger things happen in your life.

All through the bible we see this principle;

Elisha prayed that it wouldn’t rain, and it didn’t rain for 3 ½ years.
Joshua prayed that the sun stood still and it did.
Jesus took the little boy’s lunch and prayed over it, He blessed it and there were 12 baskets full leftover

The common denominator is they prayed big prayers, they asked God for something out of the ordinary.

Can I ask you today, when was the last time you dared to ask God for something out of the ordinary? Something where you thought – this is a bit crazy! If God doesn’t do it, it’s never going to happen.

Here’s the thing – what’s out of the ordinary for us is ordinary for God.

He flung the stars into space, He spoke the earth into existence, He is an extra ordinary God.

I think one of the reasons we’re not seeing God do extra ordinary things is simply because we’re not asking for extraordinary things.

We come to God ….

Lord undertake for us this month,
We’re trusting you to provide for us,
We’re trusting you to undertake for our people,

and there’s nothing wrong with that, but there’s nothing out of the ordinary about that either.


When we start praying bold prayers, we know if this happens it’s got to be God.

It’s out of the ordinary, it’s a bit radical.

When your business is struggling, instead of just asking God to help you get through, dare to ask Him to bless you in a way that you can expand or that you can help others.
When you’re battling to pay the rent, instead of just asking God to help you pay the rent, dare to ask Him to bless you in a way that you can buy your own place.
When your child is off course, instead of just asking God to turn him / her around, dare to ask Him to touch your child so radically that they’ll become known as someone who’s impacting other people’s lives for Christ.

We can pray small prayers, but small prayers get small results.

You know why we pray small prayers? We have small faith.

Jesus said; According to your faith it will be done to you. Matthew 9:29

God meets us at our level of faith.

All I want to do today is somehow stir our faith, stretch our faith so that we start praying bigger bolder prayers.

I’m talking about the kind of faith where you don’t go around telling everyone else what you’re praying for, because they may think you’re a bit nuts, you’re a bit crazy, because they may not understand this kind of faith.

It doesn’t matter what others think, what matters is what God thinks.

Maybe you want to pay off your house – instead of paying it off in the normal time why not trust Him to bless you in such a way that you’re not only going to pay off your place but help pay off someone else’s house as well.
Maybe you’re facing an unfair situation – don’t just pray to get by and to just make it through, no, ……

God you said that you’ll give me beauty for ashes.

You said you’ll pay me back double for what the enemy has stolen.

I wonder how much we’re missing out on, simply because we’re not asking. Well Leonard, if God wants to bless me He’ll bless me.

James 4:2 …..you have not because you ask not.

There’s a responsibility on you and me to ask, and if we don’t ask, if we don’t pray big prayers, we may be robbing ourselves of what God has for us.

There are certain things that we can accomplish in our own strength and our own ability, but there are other things that we’ll never accomplish on our own, we’ll never see it unless God does it for us.

But God is waiting for us to ask.

When things go wrong in your life it’s easy to sit back and say; Well it probably wasn’t meant to be.

Yes, maybe it wasn’t, but maybe you were mean to pray it through.

Remember how Daniel had to pray for 21 days for the breakthrough.

When things go wrong, that’s when we come before God and say: God if this is you, if you’re closing this door, that’s fine by me. If you have a plan with this, that’s fine by me, but if this is the enemy trying to rob me, I’m going to push back in prayer and trust you to do the impossible.

I believe God gives us dreams and desires, the Psalms talk about the secret desires of our hearts, and there’s nothing wrong with trusting God for some of those dreams.

But do you know that God has dreams for you? It’s called the promises of God.

Let me remind you of a few of those promises;

You will lend and not borrow – just think about that for a moment. It means you won’t have debt and you’ll be able to help others. Dt 28:12
With long life He will satisfy you. Ps91:16

The Lord will fight for you, you need only be still Ex 14:14
No weapon formed against you will prosper Is 54:17
I will strengthen you and teach you in the way you should go Ps 32:8

There are thousands of promises that we have every right to claim and to trust God for because we’re children of God.

Start praying bold prayers!

In 1Chronicles 17 King David told the prophet Nathan that he wanted to build a temple for the Lord. Nathan said; Go ahead God is with you.

That night the Lord appeared to Nathan and said to him; You better go and tell David he’s not going to build a temple for me, his son will do it, BUT go and tell him that I will build a house for him – a dynasty of kings. v10

One of his family will always be on the throne.

When David heard this he was so moved, so humbled, he started thanking and praising God and then he said;

23 O Lord, do as you have promised concerning me and my family. May it be a promise that will last forever.

24 And may the dynasty of your servant David be established in your presence.

Imagine if someone overheard him praying that prayer, to establish his family on the throne forever.

They’d probably think – David you’re crazy, who do you think you are? Why would God do that?

But listen to what he says in the next verse;

25 O my God, I have been bold enough to pray this prayer because you have revealed that you will build a house for me – an eternal dynasty!

26 You have promised these good things to me, your servant.

He says, I’ve been bold enough to pray it because you have promised it!!

Why are we praying small prayers when God has given us big promises?

It’s the promises of God that gives us the boldness and the confidence to pray big prayers and come to God and say; God you’ve promised it, and just like David I’m standing on your promised and I’m trusting you to do it.

When you start praying bold prayers, don’t be surprized if you have voices saying to you;

Who do you think you are, it’s never going to happen to you?
What have you done to deserve it?
Besides, you’ve asked for other things in the past and didn’t get it.

That’s the enemy trying to rob you of the blessings of God.

He’s not bothered when you pray small prayers, but the moment you start praying big bold prayers that’s when he gets really freaked out because he knows big prayers produce big results.

A friend of mine trusted God to give R1million away.

He’s never given that kind of money before, and if he told someone they would have probably thought he’s a bit crazy.

But somehow he had this desire in his heart and he started trusting God.

You know what I’ve learnt – radical faith gets radical results!

Toward the end of that year He’d given R1million rand away.

When you start praying God-sized prayers, God is going to show up in a way that you haven’t seen before!

I’d hate to get to heaven one day and God say to me; Leonard I had so much more for you, I’ve had blessings stored up all this time, but you never asked for it.

You stayed in the safe zone instead of the faith zone.

You prayed small little prayers instead of big bold prayers.

**I remember there was a time when I thought we’d always stay in this building.

You may be thinking; What if it doesn’t happen? What if it does?

But doesn’t God have more important things to worry about?!

Aren’t you important to God?

My bible says you’re the apple of His eye, and if He gave Jesus for us won’t he freely with Him give us all things.

Don’t limit what God wants to do in your life.

God is saying to us today;

I flung the stars into space, I spoke the earth into existence, now don’t ask me for a R100.
Don’t ask me to just get by.
Don’t ask me to just turn your child around.

Ask me for big things!

Dare to stretch your faith, dare to get out of the safe zone, dare to ask for your dream.

Your dream may look impossible, or the situation may look impossible.  But bold faith doesn’t consider how possible it is humanly speaking, bold faith considers the power and ability of Almighty God.

God is the God of the impossible, of the extra-ordinary, of abundance.

I heard of this lady who lost her husband to Covid.

He didn’t have life insurance and they still owed on the car. Fortunately, the house was paid up but the car was almost new, they owed too much on it.

She prayed and asked God for a miracle.

She contacted the bank to arrange for an extension…..she was going to try and sell the car.

When she went in to the bank, she was told that someone had settled the car for her. They were busy arranging to get the papers to her.

When you remind yourself of who God is – He’s the God of the impossible, of the extra-ordinary, the God of abundance, you’ll have no problem to pray big bold prayers and to ask Him for the impossible.

In Matthew 20 we read about two blind beggars. They obviously heard Jesus was in town and so when they heard a crowd come by they realized He was walking by and so they called out to Jesus – Jesus, son of David, have mercy on us.

The crowd told them to keep quiet.

There are going to be times when people will discourage you, the enemy will discourage you, but you keep trusting.

But they just kept calling out, even louder than before.

Matthew 20:32-34

32“When Jesus heard them, he stopped and called, “What do you want me to do for you?” Jesus knew what they wanted, but He was waiting for them to articulate it, to express it, to ask for it.

In the same way God is waiting for you and me to ask.

You have not because you ask not. James 4:2

Now listen to their reply;

33 “Lord, we want to see!”

34 “Jesus felt sorry for them and touched their eyes. Instantly they could see!” NLT

Imagine if they had asked for some money……we would have said to them, are you crazy, are you out of your mind, do you realize who you’re asking?

I think sometimes God listens to some of our prayers and thinks;

Are you crazy, are you out of your mind, do you realize who you’re asking?

Is that it? Is that all you’re asking for? Are you sure?

I think sometimes our small prayers are almost insulting to God!

I can do so much more, as a matter of fact I want to do so much more.

Ephesians 3:20 “Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think……”

The NLT says;

“…….to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.”

It’s good to ask for your needs, but God can do infinitely more.

So I want to encourage us……

to ask for your dreams as well,
to ask for the secret petitions of your heart.
to ask for the promises God has already made.

Is it possible that we’re not seeing God do extra ordinary things in our lives because we’re only asking for ordinary things?

Testimony…….some time ago Liezl and I were aware of two couples who had a need. (not a necessity, it was more of a luxury) I said to Liezl, I wish we could bless them.

I prayed, Lord if you provide the money, I’ll bless them.

That evening I had the money.

Start asking for;

That breakthrough you need.
That building you’ve been dreaming of.
That gift you wish you could give.
That friend or family member who doesn’t know the Lord yet.

But whatever you do, don’t insult God by praying small prayers.