Arise and Possess

Arise & Possess


Instead of living in the shadow of yesterday, we should walk in the light of today, and the hope of tomorrow.

Key Verses:

Jos 1: 2 B

Is 43: 18

Phil 3: 13

John 10: 10 B

Jos 3: 15


The month “January” is named after Janus, the Roman god of beginnings, and Janus was symbolized as a man with two faces. One looking back and the other face looking forward.

I touched on the matter in my New Year’s message but would like to emphasize that too many people have trouble looking ahead with hope because they keep looking back and moping over the mistakes of the past.

The outlook for the future is dimmed and their enthusiasm dampened. They keep on dwelling on the past with all its failures & mistakes but there is no use “crying over spilled milk”.

So the word I received from God (while doing dishes) was simply: “Moses my servant is dead”. At first it didn’t make any sense to me, but later that night I received a confirmation from my daily devotion, with the same message “Moses my servant is dead”.

I then had a “light-bulb” moment when I realized that those were Gods words to Joshua in Jos1:2 (A)

But not only did God announced Moses’s death, but He also announced the end of an era, the end of a season, but also the beginning of a new season and era!

God then went on to give Joshua instructions as to what he should do (Joshua 1:2 (B)

“Get ready & cross the Jordan into your promised land”

My personal interpretation of that instruction to Joshua is also an instruction to us, Bikers Church, Family & Friends.

“Arise & possess!!”

Arise, “do not dwell on the former things” – IS43: 18, for I’m about to do something new!

Even the Apostle Paul writing to the church in Philippi encouraged them in Phil 3:13 “Forget what is behind, press forward your goal, your inheritance….Arise!

You do see church, Joshua understood the importance of total obedience & commitment to the call on his life and so should we!

The instruction to Joshua was loud & clear church…. Moses my servant is dead, arise & possess!!

Arise out of your wilderness, cross your Jordan & enter & possess the land (your inheritance) that I’ve sworn to give you (John 10: 10 (B)

Ever since I’ve started with my preparation for tonight, I’ve had this overwhelming sense of God saying too many that we shouldn’t even dwell or ponder upon the successes of the past!

For many will get into a comfort zone and will get “spiritually relaxed” or complacent, because of the successes of the past or the present!

This is a dangerous place to be church. For complacency is a hurdle standing between you and your potential greatness (and comfort the enemy of all achievements)

Tonight we have many people that are so aware of their “promised lands”…. We are well informed, just as the Israelites were, for Joshua & Caleb told them about the land (physical) place of milk and honey.

They were well informed and so are you church. You are given information, sermon after sermon, but it’s not about the information received, but the application there of.

(What do you do with what you hear??)

There was one major obstacle that prevented the Israelites to possess the Promised Land, a physical obstacle called the river Jordan.

And maybe there’s people here tonight with an obstacle of note preventing you from your inheritance and living an abundant life…

Joshua 3:15 Says that when the Jordan was in full flood, raging out of control, the Israelites prepared to cross-over.

And maybe you can relate to this: that you would so much want to enter your promised land, the land of abundance, the land of prosperity & unending happiness & joy… but the raging river of doubt, fear, unbelief, worry, anxiety, stresses & strain is in full flood right now…and you can’t see any way out of it;

God is saying to his people: “The time is now, arise, enter & possess your promised land”

You see church, it was basically impossible to cross the river at Gilgal, as per God’s instructions… but God’s people crossed the Jordan into their promised land. This was Gods timing & Gods timing is perfect!

Realise church that it was also a time for God to display the power & authority to His people, to prove to them that He is, was and always will be the Sovereign. I am the Almighty one, the God that can be trusted.

The Israelites trusted God to be faithful to the word, and so should we, church.

My question to us all tonight is simply this:

“Are you trusting God enough, right now, to take a step of faith, to ignore the sound of the raging rivers in your life and to “Arise” & enter your promised land?”

Realise tonight church that it is on God’s heart that we all should live in the promise of Jon 10:10 (B)

….but I (God) came, so that you may live life and live it to the full” Amen

As I conclude tonight I would like to pray for those who would want to……those who are serious, committed and determined to “Arise & posses”

Come let us pray!